SS Fourcade Crash Lands On Moon, Cardassian Attack Suspected

SS Fourcade Crash Lands On Moon, Cardassian Attack Suspected

OMICRON NOCTAE IIIA — Deep within the Sansom Coulee, a rescue operation has launched from The Skarbek, tasked with the repair of the SS Fourcade, the rescue of the crew, and the investigation of a nearby Cardassian outpost. 
Reports of the crash-landed SS Fourcade reached the crew of The Skarbek while taking a well-deserved break on Peshkova, a frequently visited and often overlooked colony on the far horizons of the Demilitarised Zone. Responding immediately to the emergency mayday call, they discovered the Fourcade on the moon of Omicron Noctae IIIa, having suffered severe damage to the engines and hull from suspected Cardassian weapons.
Flying down to the surface in the shuttlecraft Inyat-Khan, the crew branched off into three teams; one to repair the engines and bring the Fourcade back into operation as swiftly as possible led by Red, Wheels took his team find and deliver medical help to any crew still alive, while Blondie led the third to investigate the abandoned and suspected Cardassian outpost within earshot of the crash site.
The rescue team comprising Wheels, Staples, Wigs and Peacock quickly diverted their attention to those in dire condition, evacuating the worst affected of the crew to the Inyat-Khan for immediate medical attention.
Meanwhile, the cell’s engineering team of Red, Sparks and Mouse began repairs to the ship with what little equipment there was to hand, and the expert knowledge of the ship’s Radio DJ.
“You think being chased by Cardassians is scary,” explained Stew, the designation of one rescued crewmember from the Fourcade. “Try having them disable you, board the ship, and give you enough time to get away. Maybe they’re having a change of hea—No, no, possibly not.”
We have received no official word from the Cardassian outpost team.
Meanwhile, back on The Skarbek, Captain Brunsig has responded to a suspicious distress call from within the Sansom Coulee, mimicking the radio frequencies and broadcast communications of the SS Fourcade. In response, the Maquis vessel has headed further into the Coulee, breaking off orbit from the moon, to investigate the disturbing echo of their fallen subspace relay ship.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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