Members Of USS Constitution-B Senior Staff Found Unresponsive

Members Of USS Constitution-B Senior Staff Found Unresponsive

STARBASE 104 – The senior staff of the USS Constitution-B has been found unresponsive in their quarters while docked at Starbase 104.
Docked at Starbase 104 after their most recent mission, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC 9012-B) recently began enjoying an extended period of shore leave. As typically happens when a starship returns to port, the crew quickly spread out, enjoying all the facilities available at the station, which included shopping and tourist destinations.
Unfortunately for the Constitution’s crew, things soon took a turn for the worse. After several days in port, members of the ship’s senior staff began to notice a drop in personnel numbers that not even shore leave could fully account for. Said Ens. Lazarus Davis, “I was just thinking how I hadn’t seen any of the senior officers yet today.”
After discussing the observation, and finding from the computer that all officers were accounted for, the concerned members of the senior staff decided to reach out. Unfortunately, their attempts at communication fell on deaf ears and the ‘missing’ officers did not respond. Fearing a more serious problem, the group then decided to split into teams and physically check on the rest of the senior staff, all of whom the computer reported to be in their quarters.
With a little help from the medical department and the ship’s emergency holographic hairstylist, teams were able to access the quarters of several missing officers. Upon investigation, these officers were found to be in a deep sleep. Attempts to awaken the sleeping officers were met with failure.
At that point, the remaining Constitution crew began the search for what had happened and what could be affecting so many officers at the same time. This story is developing.
Written by Alex Blair

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