Fallen Comrades Remembered As Crew Of Skarbek Go To Ground

Fallen Comrades Remembered As Crew Of Skarbek Go To Ground

PESHKOVA COLONY, DEMILITARIZED ZONE — A swift and decisive victory seized by Cardassian forces to deal a crucial blow to the Maquis presence within the DMZ ended in the escape of the Skarbek from enemy hands. A mournful memorial service was given by Captain Brunsig in remembrance of cell members fallen in the line of duty.
Following a surprise attack by Cardassian forces upon the Maquis vessel Skarbek, the crew fled back to their adopted home colony of Peshkova amid heavy hearts and sorrowful sentiment as a result of their diminished numbers. Friends and loved ones lost in the conflict were remembered in a small ceremony and eulogy conducted by Captain Walter Brunsig.
Inspired by the memory, some prepared to take small items of note and personal totems to the makeshift shrine built on the heavy mountains by visiting Maquis cells, while others prepared for a quick exit back into the DMZ in order to enact swift revenge on their Cardassian occupiers. Repairs are underway to get the Skarbek into the air as rapidly as possible.
The attack itself is hazy in detail. Determined and courageous, the crew of the Skarbek barely got away in time. Significant damage is reportedly sustained to their Corsair-Class vessel. What can be established is the Skarbek sent out numerous communications into the secure channel network utilised by the resistance, only to receive little to no response.
“We were sending out our comms into the wind,” explained technician Chris Johns, still choked up from the exertion of it. “No one responded. How could they? The spoonheads had us flanked. One more direct hit from their Hidekis and we would’ve been toast. It’s a good job we’ve got a good helmsman at the wheel.”
Reportedly, Cardassian forces are increasing their number along suspected warp routes taken by the Maquis. The war correspondence office would like to remind all out there who are flying the lanes to keep a sharp eye out and one ear to the communications. As incidents happen, reports will be distributed.
On the other side of the DMZ, the SS Fourcade — instrumental in keeping alive the spirit of the Maquis and those remaining in the DMZ on colony worlds — has continuously broadcast news and music into the zone; however, mutterings have begun to circulate that the secret location of the radio station might not be as secure as once believed.
Written by Jocelyn Marshall

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