Experimental android escapes Duronis II science team, destroys shuttlecraft

Experimental android escapes Duronis II science team, destroys shuttlecraft

LUXIS SYSTEM — A team of Starfleet scientists successfully replicated an android but during testing, the prototype malfunctioned and commandeered a shuttle while attempting to rejoin the Borg collective.
After years of failure and on the brink of being shut down by the Federation Science Council, the Duronis II android research team successfully replicated a fully working android. However, the team leveraged dormant Borg technology to complete their project with nearly disastrous results. During early testing, a seemingly innocuous task triggered the Borg technology and created a severe imbalance in the new android’s brain functions. Attempting to act on its now dominant Borg programming, the android stole a shuttle with the intention of traveling to the Delta Quadrant.
Tasked to search for the runaway shuttle upon entering the Luxis System, the Embassy crew aboard the USS Thunder (NCC-70605), supported by the USS Thor (NCC-82607), along with their marine detachment lead by Major Hannibal Parker, began an intensive grid-based search. This complex game of cat and mouse nearly turned deadly when, cornered in a local spatial anomaly known as the Sandbar, the android jettisoned and detonated the shuttles warp core.
“All ships back off!” Parker was heard over the Thunder’s communication systems. “He’s firing on the warp core!”
Fortunately, the USS Thunder tracked and disabled the shuttle before it could leave local space. By this point, the android’s behavior had become highly erratic as its mood swung from sanity to that of a confused drone.
Having escaped the Sandbar under the force of the explosion, the Thunder suffered minimal damage, and the shuttle crash landed in the Taliesin Forest.
Written by Toni Turner

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