Embassy Staff Enjoy Shore Leave After Final Disposition Of Renegade Android

Embassy Staff Enjoy Shore Leave After Final Disposition Of Renegade Android

DURONIS II — The staff of the Embassy enjoyed a needed shore leave on Duronis II after dealing with a renegade android which was destroyed by Starfleet Security.
Citing a need for a Federation Security presence, the android was vaporized on the spot so as not to leave anything that could be salvaged.
Leave included a breakfast meal and promotion ceremony as the crew wound down after a few weeks in the wild and welcomed two new members to the crew.
“One cannot understate the delight of being home once more,” stated Lieutenant Ekos Th’vytren, thankful to be on Embassy soil once more.
For their efforts and dedication above and beyond the call of duty, Ben Garcia and Quen Denna were both promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The two were granted the Innovation Award for their ingenuity in capturing the Android, and as did Lieutenant JG Cadfael Peters for rigging EMP charges to crossbow bolts. The remainder of the ceremony included ribbons in Purple Hearts and Diplomacy.
With a new mission waiting in the wings, the crew of the Embassy are preparing to investigate a quarantined drilling rig — the Hercules — in orbit around P-995. Operated and owned by the Nova Corporation, the virus is considered to be dangerous to humanoid lifeforms, though copper-based blood types are seemingly unaffected. Extreme caution around the contagion is advised.
Written by Krindo Pandorn

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