Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped android, leading to its own demise

Embassy crew attempts to secure escaped android, leading to its own demise

TALISON FOREST – The intense pursuit of a renegade android by the crew of the Embassy of Duronis II ends in android’s self-destruction.
The USS Thor (NCC-82607), along with the USS Thunder-A (NCC-70605-A), pursued a stolen shuttle, piloted by android by Dr Waspson illegally using Borg nanoprobes. The android became erratic and deadly, detonating the shuttle’s warp core during the attempted escape.
In the ensuing chaos, a nearby freighter – the USS Capella Trader – was destroyed, killing all aboard, and severely damaging the Thunder.
“Due to the issues encountered, the Thunder has been recalled to dry-dock for extensive repairs,” explained Chief Petty Officer Celosia, part of the damage control team. “Her crew has also undergone treatment for various injuries sustained, including Major Hannibal Parker, who received a severe abrasion on his head.”
Following a brief chase through the Talison Forest near the Embassy on Duronis II, the damaged and renegade android was destroyed. On investigation, the Starfleet Security team determined it was an apparent suicide, where the shuttle crash landed in near in blizzard conditions. In turn, this had made the pursuit that much harder for the crew of the Thor and Parker’s Marines. Finally cornering the android, where Parker was about to fight hand to hand, the android surprisingly let go, falling to its ‘death’ on the ground below.
“Weirdly, it seemed to be arguing with itself,” stated Lieutenant Duscae Birchis of the USS Thor. “At least, that’s what I read in the report anyway. It must have hit its head pretty hard.”
Gathering up the remains, a group of Starfleet Security appeared and vaporized the remains of the android, much to the surprise of the Thor’s crew, and contrary to the Thor’s orders to capture the android. However, a couple of the crew managed to stow a piece of the android, unbeknown to the Security detail.
After resting the night, the crew found that the weather had transformed overnight, lending to the legends of the Talison Forest being enchanted. The crew of the Thor are now beginning shore leave, wondering why their orders were changed.
Written by Krindo Pandorn

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