CLASSIFIED REPORT: USS Veritas abandoned in orbit of unnamed class-M moon

CLASSIFIED REPORT: USS Veritas abandoned in orbit of unnamed class-M moon

CLASSIFIED LEVEL 10 — The USS Veritas has been abandoned in orbit of a gas giant’s class-M moon. All attempts to regain control of the ship have failed.
This report is classified at level 10 and is not to be accessed by Starfleet personnel below the rank of Captain.
Following a series of unexplained and catastrophic power losses resulting in failures of multiple systems, including life support, Captain Roshonara Rahman gave the order to abandon ship at 2304 hours, stardate 239512.22. Though unproven, it seems likely that the systems failures, which began with a power surge in the deflector dish and rapid depletion of the ship’s deuterium supplies, are related to the Artemis mission and our mysterious guest, known as “Ekal.”
To review, Ekal was recovered by Veritas shortly after the Artemis mission began. The man later identified himself as a 25th Century time traveler affiliated with a group known as the Temporal Integrity Commission (TIC). TIC apparently intended to sabotage Veritas in an attempt to prevent a war they believed we would start at some future date. While it is believed the sabotage was thwarted, recent developments would suggest that was not the case.
The rest of this report is a review of our most recent mission, in case our most recent mission reports have not yet been received by Starfleet.
Veritas and the USS Montreal were engaged in operations to recover the ship, crew, and its classified cargo. Veritas located the ship, adrift in Tholian space but was intercepted by a small fleet of Tholian vessels that demanded Artemis be abandoned.
While the crew navigated the standoff, an engineering team led by Ensigns Geoffrey Teller and Wil Ukinix successfully scuttled the Artemis by intentionally overloading the ship’s slipstream drive. The engineering team escaped via an Orion vessel in the Artemis shuttle bay, while Veritas extended its warp field around the Tholian fleet to ensure they escaped the resulting explosion.
There were no casualties.
Written by Evan Delano

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