Battered ship USS Atlantis limps home after saving Captain Brell

Battered ship USS Atlantis limps home after saving Captain Brell

JENATRIS CLOUD – After a week of operation on minimal power and with only half of its engine intact, the USS Atlantis safely returned to Deep Space 26 after an encounter with a rogue element in the Consortium.
Following the attack on Atlantis – in which Captain Brell was briefly taken hostage – the ship and its crew took a lot of hits in a short lasting firefight. Operating under a cloak, the alien attackers managed to cripple Atlantis defences with a volley of torpedoes. Not only was the ship in no position to fight back, but also lost her newly appointed Mission Specialist in the onslaught.
With the ship in an indefensible position and the Captain in Sickbay, it was Lieutenant Commander Alex Williams’ choice to limp home instead of taking the fight back to their attackers.
“It’s not a retreat, we will come back, stronger than ever, ” brave words from Williams, however, whether this promise will be sustained is yet to be seen.
In the days following the battle, everyone on the ship did their part in keeping the ship together. Reportedly this was not an easy task, especially for the engineering teams under the command of Lieutenant Valin Dermont. They did their best to keep the power output to the left nacelle as efficiently as possible, but several stops had to be made to make internal – and external – repairs to the ship alongside its hacked computers. Despite this, the trip only took a week and the crew had Ensign Trelixxa Maeli to thank for that, as she piloted Atlantis well, given the circumstances.
With the ship in spacedock, preparations for her for her next flight to save Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga are underway. Rumour has it that Williams is debating with Starfleet Command about rewarding his crew for their exemplary work.
Written by Alexander Williams

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