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USS Veritas investigates missing miners on Havley’s Hope

HAVLEY’S HOPE – On this marginally M-class planet, where life is difficult and luxury nearly non-existent, the Veritas has been sent to investigate reports of missing teams of miners.

The colony at Havley’s Hope reported that several mining teams had gone missing beneath the surface of their planet, and the Colonial Coalition Marshals requested the assistance of the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) to look for them.

Detective Sidney Ripley, a Coalition Marshals investigator, joined forces with those of the USS Veritas to investigate the whereabouts of the missing miners. Due to the amount of ground to cover, multiple teams from the starship’s complement were assigned to work in the surface, either in direct searches or in interviewing those who might’ve seen the miners before their disappearance. These teams were lead by Commanders Mei’konda Delano, Evan Delano, and Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek.

The Veritas crew indicated that progress was being made in the search, and that something unexpected may have happened on the planet: first contact with a new species. A troubling piece of news also indicated that one of the Veritas’ away teams had gone missing, but there has been renewed hope in their recovery.

“At first, we thought we’d actually lost a team during transport,” said Crewman First Class Karen Queens, one of the ship’s transporter room operators. “But we’ve started getting signals from them again, and we’re looking into how exactly we’ll need to go about getting them back on board.”

Written by Mei’konda

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