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USS Veritas discovers historical Romulan presence in the Shoals

PELLECIA – After tracking an Orion Syndicate ship through the Shadows and ending a confrontation with a frigate who came to recover their peers, the Veritas has begun to chart a new world that was the final home for the survivors of a shipwrecked Romulan warbird.

After the explosion of a small civilian shuttle near Star Station Esperance, the USS Veritas (NCC-95035) and her crew embarked on an expedition to investigate rumors conveyed by the shuttle’s owner, whose name has been redacted, that a 23rd century Romulan ship was drifting through the Shadows, lost for over a hundred years.

During the 23rd century, the Romulan Star Empire employed fleets of V’teridix class warbirds and smaller birds-prey as “treasure fleets” that supplied Romulus and other imperial worlds with goods from across the empire and beyond. With an abundance of shipwrecks scattered across the Shoals, legends of lost Romulan treasure fleets in the area have been pursued by treasure hunters for over a century. To date, no evidence of these lost treasure fleets or their shipwrecks had ever been discovered, and Starfleet and the Federation Archaeology Council maintained that there was never a historical Romulan presence in the region.

The USS Veritas’s investigation, however, has now been partially declassified, revealing that the crew had found a Romulan vessel. Reza Kardgar, the USS Veritas’s embedded FNS reporter, sent the FNS further details.

“There was indeed an ancient Romulan vessel located in the Shadows. This ship appears to have been conducting research into how to better navigate the tetryon fields in the Shoals,” said Kardgar. “The Veritas’s officers and crew are currently looking into just how far they got.”

Shortly after Mr. Kardgar sent the Federation News Service this information, the Veritas moved into the Shadows, the area of the Shoals that is the most hazardous, and where subspace communications are all but impossible. Contact was re-established with a message buoy launched out of the Shadows by the Veritas.

“After a short skirmish with Orion Syndicate pirates, which resulted in the retreat of the Syndicate forces, the Veritas is investigating an uninhabited M-class world discovered in the Shadows,” he said. “The crew have named it Pellecia in honor of the Romulan warbird and its surviving crew who had settled there, although no current inhabitants were discovered. It’s a truly lush and verdant world that Captain Roshanara Rahman and Commander Mei’konda Delano have told me that we can learn a lot from.”

Written by Mei’konda

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