USS Veritas continues modified shuttle trials

USS Veritas continues modified shuttle trials

THE SHOALS – The crew of the USS Veritas continues their research into how to allow Starfleet shuttles to perform better in the region.
The USS Veritas, NCC-95035, is continuing its assignment in the Shoals region to modify its shuttle compliment to better operate in the volatile Shoals region. The Federation News Service’s embedded reporter on the USS Veritas, Reza Kardgar, has more.
“According to a conversation I had with one of the Veritas’ stellar cartographers, Koa Iolani, the reason why the Shoals are such a dangerous region for shuttles and starships is that ambient tetryon fields here are much stronger than in normal space. This can apparently result in dangerous surges in a vessel’s power systems and unstable warp fields,” Kardgar reported.
“Shuttlecraft are sometimes especially vulnerable to damage in this environment, which is why the Veritas’ crew has been working so diligently to make their shuttles more well suited to the region.”
Veritas crew members report that teams aboard the ship have come up with two modular modifications of the standard Type-10 Shuttlepod, and that those two teams have been engaged in friendly competition to see which vessel comes out on top. The superior design will be adopted, and the remaining shuttlepods aboard the Veritas will be modified to match it.
In other news, Mr. Kardgar reports that no further caches of the illegal drug Felicium have been discovered as of yet in the region, leading some to wonder whether the cache discovered on Outpost 3 was an isolated incident.
Written by LtCmdr. Mei’konda

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