USS Thunder stranded in unknown sector following catastrophic accident

USS Thunder stranded in unknown sector following catastrophic accident

UNKNOWN SPACE — While undergoing a shakedown cruise, the USS Thunder-A experienced an accident resulting in the loss of both their antimatter supplies and dilithium crystals.

Following the accident, the Thunder was left operating on secondary power at best and without warp drive or quantum slipstream. Crews managed to repair sensors and found signs of civilization in the immediate vicinity. With few other choices, Commander Oddas Aria sent two away teams, one to each of the most likely targets of resupplies.
While investigating the cause of the accident, the crew discovered it had caused a chain reaction depleting the ship’s antimatter supplies and cracking their dilithium crystals. Separately, each would have stranded them in the farthest reaches of space, several years away from Federation space.
“If we cannot find supplies to get us home, then we are going to need somewhere to live. The ship supplies will probably keep is going for a few weeks,” pointed out Boris Hendon, Chief Surgeon.
Many members of the crew have expressed similar sentiments, worried about their families now many years behind them.
The system the Thunder has found itself in was previously unexplored, a quaternary star system with multiple asteroid belts, multiple gas giants, and multiple ships of unknown origins. The away teams have made some contact with local traffic, with one team headed by Commander Brayden Jorey headed toward a large asteroid base and another led by Lt. Commander Pavlova approaching a Class M moon.
Aboard the Thunder, the Beta shift is moving to fill in while the engineering staff continues to repair as many systems as they can and have slowly brought several secondary and primary systems online ranging from basic weapons to some turbolifts. Power is still at critical levels, necessitating the crew to conserve at all levels.
Commander Oddas has ordered the Thunder into the shadow of a rocky planet, hoping not to fight a battle in their current weakened state. There has been no indication the various small craft in the area have detected the Starfleet vessel or made any threatening moves.
Written by Oddas Aria

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