USS Constitution crew enjoy shore leave at Starbase 104

USS Constitution crew enjoy shore leave at Starbase 104

STARBASE 104, MARCHLANDS – After successfully completing their mission, the crew of the USS Constitution-B enjoyed some much-needed shore leave.

With their mission in the Lembatta Cluster complete and damage to their engines repaired enough to limp home, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) headed home to Starbase 104 for some much-needed and well-deserved shore leave.
Once the ship docked with the station, the department heads finished turning in their after-action reports and Captain Jalan Rajel dismissed the crew to begin their time off. While some members of the Constitution crew ventured out to explore the station, others chose to enjoy their leave in the ship’s main lounge, The Black Hole.
As crewmembers headed towards The Black Hole, they were welcomed by a new face behind the bar, Elias Kincaid. Kincaid came to the Constitution to take on the management of the lounge after the previous tenant, a Ferengi named Zogi left.
“Darlin’ I done been across the breadth of this fine Federation and beyond, from one dust ball, to another jungle and spaces–pun intended–in-between,” Kincaid spoke jovially, when in conversation with the Captain. “I ain’t never known a Ferengi what could run a place like this right.”
During their port stop, the Constitution not only sought our repairs but also brought on new crew. Shortly after docking, the Constitution welcomed aboard her new executive officer, Commander Alex Blair, and a new engineering officer, Eleanor Alexander.
Written by Alex Blair

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