USS Atlantis rescues Korri with help from the Romulan Republic

USS Atlantis rescues Korri with help from the Romulan Republic

PAR’THA EXPANSE – After a daring rescue operation within the Jentaris cloud, the USS Atlantis returned to Deep Space 26 to recuperate.
After returning the Atlantis Aeroshuttle to its docking port on Deck Nine-A, Captain Brell took command of the Bridge just as things in the Jenatris cloud became perilous for the Intrepid-class starship.
The shields were stretched to their limit by the nebular forces of the cloud and crippled under the strain of boosting the defences of two other vessels. The Korri freighters and the Starfleet teams aboard felt the delirious effects of the cloud and were just as much in need of rescue as those already being treated aboard Atlantis.
With little time to spare Commander R’Val, mother of Atlantis officer Lieutenant Serala, moved her aging warbird into position to rescue the remaining survivors. With the help of Ensign Killiak, who had the ingenious idea to bridge transporter systems between the Starfleet and Romulan Republic vessels, the Atlantis was able to sweep up any that remained. The freighters, once fully exposed to the cloud, succumbed to the massive damages they had suffered and were lost. Once all of the teams were again aboard Atlantis, and their shuttles recovered, they set course for Deep Space 26.
“Begin transporting the survivors from the Korri Freighters,” was the order heard from Commander R’Val of the RRS Illa’variea, as she risked her ship to came to Atlantis’ aid. “All of them, including the Federation personnel.”
Once safely aboard Deep Space 26, the crew celebrated the one year anniversary since their launch under Captain Brell. The party featured many sights including Doctor Cattan dancing to an ancient earth pop song with the Captain’s toddler-aged twin children, Klingon drinking songs, an ample buffet, and the singing debut of the Rodulan vocalist, and helm expert, Lt JG Trelixxa Maeli.
Written by Brell

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