USS Atlantis observes bronze age civilization

USS Atlantis observes bronze age civilization

LYDOR V, PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis has been tasked with observing a bronze age civilization.
Following the celebrations of Captains Brell’s promotion, the crew of the USS Atlantis set off a new adventure. With the ship again in top shape and the return of its medical officer Femi Cattan, the crew was given its new assignment by Starfleet Command. This time the crew was invited to participate in a mission to observe a bronze age civilization on Lydor V. By constructing an anthropological duck blink outpost, it should be possible to observe the semi-amphibious humanoids and learn about their way of life without interfering in their natural development.
Besides the observation post, several away teams have been dispatched as well. Lt.Cmdr. Williams and his team have been altered to look like Lydorians and have joined a seafaring captain on his trading mission to learn about their culture and religion. Meanwhile, a team led by the Atlantis’ new mission specialist Tel-ar, also altered to look Lydorian, has been deployed to mingle among the locals and learn about the planet’s mining programs by pretending to be ore traders.
Deeper underground, Lt. Raga, the new chief tactical and security officer, has taken the lead in an investigation to see who is behind the mining operations. So far, reports indicate an old foe might be responsible for extracting ore and causing several earthquakes in the process. One of them forced the team led by chief engineer Dermont to leave their beam in location in a hurry while they wanted to get working on the observation duct.
On Atlantis, things remained calm thus far. Their main priority was to keep an eye on all the away teams and a possible cloaked ship that entered the planet’s atmosphere, no doubt on its way to take in precious ore to sell elsewhere.
Written by Alexander Williams

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