USS Atlantis attacked by spider automatons

USS Atlantis attacked by spider automatons

PAR’THA EXPANSE – A frightening boarding party has put the Atlantis and her crew in serious dangerous.
After a rewarding break on an ice moon, the USS Atlantis crew returned to active duty in high spirits. While en route to Deep Space 26, the crew discovered that one of the marker buoys meant to guide them through the expanse had been damaged. Before they could investigate the damage, the ship suddenly came under attack by a small carrier, which quickly disabled Atlantis’ defenses. With no way to stop the attacking ship, it successfully rammed Atlantis and breached the hull, allowing it to deploy what sources describe as “mechanized spider bots.” Meanwhile, a larger ship decloaked nearby, raising the possibility that another force was controlling the attacking.
During the initial boarding, several officers were killed. The “spider bots” have now spread through the ship, with the bridge, engineering, mess hall, and intelligence suite under heavy attack.
The battle to maintain control of the bridge was eventually lost, with Commander Brell and his team forced to set up a temporary command center in main engineering. Here Lt. Dermont and his team are doing everything they can to keep the ship in once piece while coming up with defensive measures to repel the invaders.
Outside the ship, Lt.Cmdr. Williams and the newly promoted Lt. Raga engaged the enemy troop carrier with quickly deployed shuttles. The ensuing fight destroyed the carrier, but one of the shuttles was also lost.
Although the incoming droids have halted their advance, the battle is far from over. At last report, engineering is in danger of being overrun at any moment, and the newly built intelligence suite, defended by Lt. Danara and her team, is also facing imminent defeat. If the Atlantis crew prevails, it will come with an immense cost.
Motives for the unprovoked attack are still unavailable at this time.

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