Ultrasonic waves force deadly “legendary” creatures into subspace

Ultrasonic waves force deadly “legendary” creatures into subspace

ARNDALL, PAR’THA EXPANSE – With death counts on both sides rising quickly, talks between the Valcarian and Caraadian representatives aboard the Blackwell have come to an abrupt halt to fight a common foe.

Multiple large earthquakes hit a number of population centers, introducing the citizens of Arndall to a race of insectoid creatures that had been slumbering beneath the land they had been living on for hundreds of years. Small armies marched out, slaughtering the skirmishes occurring on the surface, creating a rapidly rising body count for both the native Caraadians and the invading Valcarians and putting the neutral Starfleet away teams in the middle of it all.
“It all happened so fast,” remarked one witness. “It was absolute terror!”
Meanwhile, two teams faced the aftermath of a major power drain, one in a crashed shuttle that had almost made it into orbit and another team in a shuttle that never got off the ground. Injured and facing the reality that those who had been brought aboard for medical help earlier that day were now dead, the first team soon found themselves underground when an already unstable surface gave way under the crashed shuttle. Finding tunnels, the team was able to locate a command center where simple morse code was used to contact the Blackwell above.
Meanwhile, the other team found themselves facing a threat from the assumed leader of the creatures to either surrender and become the property of the ancient Kam’Jahtae or face annihilation at the hands of the same. Taking a chance, the team split up and on a stroke of luck, found a way to shut down the energy dampening field keeping power from their shuttle. In an instant, with power restored, the team took off and headed for home.
With all teams recalled, it then fell to Captain Theo Whittaker to find a way to end the carnage on the planet. The representatives from both sides, now united towards the common goal of defeating this new species, reacted to intel brought back that identified the species as the topic of ancient legend. Though the Valcarians wanted to fight and try to defeat the new threat, cooler heads prevailed and the Captain worked towards a non-lethal solution.
Using information from children’s fairy tales about the legendary species, the ship was able to send out an ultrasonic sound that forced the creatures back underground. Within minutes, their lifesigns disappeared into what can only be described as “subspace transport tunnels.” Arndall was left to deal with the aftermath on its own, as the Blackwell limped back to Deep Space 26 for a well-deserved break and a major retrofit.
Written by Kali Nicholotti

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