USS Thor returns home to questions about its mission

USS Thor returns home to questions about its mission

DURONIS II — The arrival of Starfleet Intelligence investigators at the UFP Embassy on Duronis II is raising questions about the crew, and recent mission, of the USS Thor after they returned with ancient relics.
The USS Thor arrived back to in orbit of Duronis II just as the planet’s rainy season ended, and just after a team of investigators from Starfleet Command – led by Captain Perkins – arrived to investigate the relics returning in the Thor cargo hold. The relics themselves, mostly a collection of equipment and material from the original USS Columbia (NX-class) from early Starfleet history.
Rampant speculation about the arrival of the Starfleet Intelligence officers were dispelled by one of the investigators: “We are investigating the origins of the relics, not the crew of the Thor.” The lead investigator was seen visiting the Medical Bay and the Brig several times, at the same times a nurse reportedly being treated for a nervous breakdown was in each location respectively. At least one report from the Thor’s official logs reports a phaser being fired onboard during their trip from Kjenta II back to Duronis II, leading to rumors of some sort of battle on board, and a subsequent coverup.
Records show the Thor traveled through the Typhon Expanse, which was not the most direct route, and concerning reports about crew members marooned in the Expanse have been circulated.
“Such a suggestion is preposterous!” exclaimed Ensign ZzifgH, an officer on duty. “Commander Oddas simply wanted to take the scenic route home.”
Many others on the ship feel the explanation did not fit what they knew of the ship’s commanding officer.
The investigation team is being tight-lipped about the length of time it will take for them to complete their investigation, and have repeated that the investigation is concerning the NX-class relics and all the related questions surrounding them.
Engineering crews estimate repairs to the Thor sickbay will be complete in a matter of weeks and are related to routine issues, not the mission specifically.
Written by Oddas Aria

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