Embassy staff celebrates amidst a blockbuster arrival of new ensigns

Embassy staff celebrates amidst a blockbuster arrival of new ensigns

DURONIS II — Commander Brayden Jorey of the Federation Embassy on Duronis II hosted a party to welcome a surge of new faces, while old ones packed their bags.

With Starfleet Academy graduating larger classes of Ensigns in recent months, the Embassy, along with other duty stations in the fleet, has seen an influx of new blood join their ranks.
At the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, five new ensigns have arrived over the past month alone to supplement the current staff. Commander Brayden Jorey, long known for hosting wonderful events for the Embassy, failed to disappoint once again as he hosted festivities to welcome the new faces to the crew.
Hosted at his personal residence, the senior staff and families gathered to welcome their new colleagues. In what turned out to be the last of such events, Commander Jorey welcomed all to his home. Food and drink were both provided by Laudean staff hired for the event, and after dinner, a traditional Laudean circus was set up on the beach to provide entertainment. Commander Jorey has been long known for doing his best to help showcase Laudean culture and cuisine for his Starfleet colleagues.
In an apparent surprise for the Commander and the rest of the staff, Ambassador Calodia Jorey, Federation Ambassador and the Commander’s Grandmother arrived unannounced during the party.
“That was the first and only time I’ve ever seen the Commander look flustered,” commented Petty Officer Idro Chezim, supporting the party. “He recovered quickly, but you could tell he was caught unawares, but then, who hasn’t been surprised by their family at some point?”
The following day, four members of the senior staff were tapped by Starfleet Command to assist in relaunching the USS Eagle. Commander Oddas Aria was poised to take her first solo command, while Commander Jorey, Lieutenant Commanders Delan Han and Irina Pavlova were transferred to the Eagle to assist Commander Oddas. Starfleet Personnel have confirmed that Commander Jorey has been assigned as Ambassador At Large for the Aavaro Wilds, the Eagle’s patrol area, with Han serving as Commander Oddas’s First Officer, and Pavlova serving as Chief of Security.
Written by Delan Han

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