Contact lost with Starbase 173

Contact lost with Starbase 173

STARBASE 173 – The crew of the USS Gorkon will investigate the total loss of communications from Starbase 173.
The USS Gorkon has been dispatched to investigate the unusual and prolonged silence of Starbase 173. The Investigator-class starbase, with a population of 100,000 civilians and Starfleet personnel, has not responded to any attempts at contact for over two days, and emergency channels remain stubbornly quiet.
“You’d expect a distress call, at least,” said Ensign Baidan, a communications specialist aboard the Gorkon. “But nothing, not even the automated systems? That’s a little frightening. What could silence an entire starbase?”
On arrival, the Gorkon discovered no trace of the station’s population, and found the station undamaged, but in a state of hibernation. Away teams were dispatched to areas likely to hold answers to the mysterious situation; the command centre, science laboratories, engineering and the docking bays. Thoron radiation was detected in the engineering section, obscuring some areas from sensor scans, and in the command centre the signs were that the crew vanished in the midst of a normal working day.
Meanwhile, the Gorkon’s Defiant-class escort vessels, the USS Triumphant and the USS Resolute, were tasked with maintaining patrol routes around the station. Their sensors detected an object exiting the starbase’s space at the slow speed of warp three, and investigations continue into its exact nature.
Before their departure, the crew concluded their shore leave with a visit to Cyrithra Forest, where they participated in a celebration of the Festival of Stars, a Tyrellian celebration of thanks. The festival is known for spectacular and beautiful arrangements of lamps, designed to make those in attendance feel as though they are walking among the stars themselves as they give thanks to friends, family and the universe for bringing them to their new home. During the festival, many of the crew were honoured with service ribbons for their heroism and skills during their ordeal in the Roman Expanse.
Written by: Quinn Reynolds

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