Bloodwine and gagh do not a Klingon make

Bloodwine and gagh do not a Klingon make

MARCHLANDS – Undercover and disguised as Klingons and mercenaries, the crew of the USS Constitution infiltrated a stolen Starfleet starship in hopes of recovering the vessel from pirates.

With the aid of a sympathetic Klingon captain, the senior officers of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) ferried to where the USS Geneva, a disabled Starfleet testbed vessel, had been overtaken by rogue Klingon pirates. Disguised as Klingons and mercenaries, an infiltration team led by Captain Jalana Rajel snuck onto the Geneva to retake the ship while Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor remained behind on the IKS Ch’Lul to act as a liaison for those Starfleet officers who didn’t volunteer for the risky infiltration mission.
While en route to the Geneva on the eve before the mission, the two disparate crews dined together as a means to bridge their differences and for the Constitution crew to hone their assumed personas. The Starfleet officers threw themselves into the role with gusto if not with relish, and as a result, there were a few officers who needed the ministrations of Doctors Wyn Foster and Edward Spears the next morning.
“I hate that we are doing Starfleet’s bidding in this matter,” exclaimed Kortor, a bridge officer of the Ch’Lul, before begrudgingly adding, “but some of these petaQs can handle their bloodwine.”
After successfully beaming onto the Geneva from the cloaked Ch’Lul, it became apparent fairly quickly that the Starfleet infiltration team hadn’t done so unnoticed. One half of the infiltration team deduced that internal sensors on the disabled ship had been restored prior to their arrival, and a flurry of internal communications indicated that they had been detected. Meanwhile, an announcement from the Klingon pirate leader, Klix Vraj, added a new twist – a rival pirate was en route to stake claim on the Geneva and to enact vengeance on Vraj for past transgressions. With the threat of getting caught in the middle of a blood feud, the challenge of retaking the Geneva had quickly become much more pressing and daunting.
Written by Maxwell Traenor

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