Andaris Task Force Senior Staff Face Unexpected Challenges While Traversing Team Building Exercise

Andaris Task Force Senior Staff Face Unexpected Challenges While Traversing Team Building Exercise

USS BLACKWELL – In the wake of the retirement of Rear Admiral Renos and Captain Zaekia, the crew of the Andaris Task Force is united through a team building exercise with unexpected outcomes.
An unexpected change of command within the Andaris Task Force left many members of key personnel feeling as if the rug had been pulled out from under them. Thanks to a team building exercise developed by the outgoing administration, however, these crew members were able to regain the sense of familiarity and togetherness that any Starfleet crew thrives on.
While the specific aspects of a good team building exercise are debated, unexpected faults quickly turned an otherwise normal, and harmless holodeck activity into a fight for the lives of those involved. Senior staff members from the USS Blackwell stepped into a fantasy world developed and designed by the chief of security, Lieutenant Jared Thoran. At first, everything appeared and reacted normally, but it wasn’t long before the players in the game found that something was wrong; the holodeck safeties were not operating as they should have been and people began to get hurt.
“The second they saw blood, they knew something was not right,” says Ensign Marie Cawler of the ATF’s medical team. “In the end, we treated multiple injuries from the team that went in that day, though none of them were life threatening or lasting.”
The crew faced a number of challenges, including mental puzzles that required specific solutions, physical battles, and tasks involving the use of skills assigned to one or two members of the group. Adjustments to typical holodeck behavior allowed for the use of ‘magic’ and randomized hits according to skill numbers all behind the curtain of secrecy made reality.
Despite the difficult task of finishing the program without holodeck safeties, success was achieved and the exercise was dubbed a success. All members who participated felt that the goal of bringing the team closer together had been met, perhaps particularly due to the fact that real risk was involved. No lasting injuries were reported and all holodecks were taken off-line until the issue was isolated and successfully repaired by Engineering.
Written by Kali Nicholotti

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