27 killed and dozens injured aboard USS Atlantis during robotic attack

27 killed and dozens injured aboard USS Atlantis during robotic attack

PAR’THA EXPANSE – The USS Atlantis suffered heavy losses in lives and material after a strange encounter with unknown alien robots.

The Atlantis, under the command of Commander Brell and Lt. Commander Alexander Williams, barely survived the horrific encounter. The attack was swift and without mercy. In the first minutes after the ship’s defenses had been disabled, lives were already lost. Brave men and woman who simply carried out their normal jobs were brutally murdered by mindless bots armed with laser beams and melee assault weapons.
The crew of the Atlantis did all it could to defend its ship, but the price they paid was high. Besides the great losses in life, many vital parts of the ship were destroyed including the bridge. In total, 27 lives were lost and many more officers like Lieutenant Raga ended up with critical wounds after a successful counterattack on the alien ship with the use of Starfleet shuttles.
Lieutenant Raga accompanied by Lt. Commander Williams were able to use the auxiliary crafts’ weapons to force the enemy into retreat and later caused their destruction as a whole. Sadly the attack was too late to save the Atlantis entirely.
Unable to return under its own strength after being forced to eject their warp core, the USS Atlantis was towed back for Deep Space 26 for repairs. The crew has been granted leave to mourn their losses and allow engineers to repair the ship.
The reason for the attack is still sketchy. Inside courses revealed that the attack might have been nothing more than a simple data gathering, but if that is true, the reason for so many killings remains a mystery.
“It is the loss of 27 individuals under these circumstances that concerns me,” said Commander Tel-Ar, the chief of security of the Atlantis.
Who is behind the attack is also unknown at this point although fingers are pointed at the Consortium.
Written by Lt.Cmdr. Alexander Williams.

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