Shakedown cruise makes detour to far-off lands and times

Shakedown cruise makes detour to far-off lands and times

TYPHON EXPANSE — While taking the USS Thor on a shakedown cruise, the senior staff has suddenly found themselves split into several groups and experiencing impossible events in far off places.
The Embassy of Duronis II staff took the USS Thor on a shakedown cruise in the Typhon Expanse in what was expected to be a routine exercise. Apart from some minor glitches – such as an Emergency Medical Hologram activating when not needed, and some sensors needed extra alignment and other typical adjustments expected for a new ship – the Thor performed excellently. Satisfied with the performance of ship and crew, Admiral Toni Turner called for a break, and the crew broke into small groups for lunch. It was at this point the crew began to disappear.
Groups have found themselves flung across time and space, in seemingly impossible situations and in many cases little idea that anything is amiss. One group, containing the Admiral, her husband, and others, have found themselves in the middle of a primitive Ba’ku forest. Further complicating matters, the Admiral has given birth to her twins, and predators are beginning to stalk the cave the group has taken shelter in.
Another group, including the chief science officer T’Lea, found themselves in a small seaside town in 17th-century Earth. Eventually making their way to a pirate ship, aptly named the Thor, they sailed somehow to Risa, where they met up with another group that including the executive officer and chief of security. Both groups, from Earth and Risa, were suffering mental delusions. The Earth group believed their children were suffering from plague and that they were on a mission to find the cure, and the Risan group believed they had been on vacation for many days. Having enough of the tricks Doctor Hendon tried a desperate ploy to get some answers.
“Ok, you have had your fun. We are on to you!” yelled the doctor at the sky. “Enough of this!”
While the groups from the pirate ship Thor and Risa decided on a plan, yet another group has been enjoying themselves at Starfleet Academy’s spring break. This group, including Commander Jorey, has reverted to a time when they were all in the academy despite their separation in years. They are just beginning to understand something might be wrong.
Back aboard the real USS Thor, the remaining crew is attempting to figure out why senior officers have disappeared and where they have gone.

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