Crew of USS Thor attacked by a new alien species, hitches a ride with another

Crew of USS Thor attacked by a new alien species, hitches a ride with another

TYPHON EXPANSE — The crew of the USS Thor was attached while checking out mysterious graviton pulses with weapons utilizing Typhon Anomalies themselves.
Starfleet Command ordered the USS Thor to investigate graviton pulses detected by telescope within the Typhon Expanse. While graviton pulses could be part of the normal properties of the expanse, the regularity and the magnitude of these pulses led Command to believe a personal investigation was warranted.
Dropping out of warp the Thor discovered a planet, seemingly in orbit of nothing and alone in space, but with an enormous pair of towers, or pylons in orbit each thirty kilometers tall. Before an investigation of the pylons and surrounding space could be effected the Thor came under attack. “Attention alien intruder. I claim your vessel on behalf of the Vouaht Crown by divine order. Prepare for your defeat in battle,” announced the attacker, later identified as Major Commander Cremia Pal.
While the Vouaht weapons tore through the Thor shields and threatened hull breaches on several decks, the science team aboard determined the makeup of the weaponry to consist of artificial Typhon Expanse Anomalies, nullifying the Thor shields.
Before the Thor crew could begin to compensate for the Vouaht weapons, a new ship appeared. “It’s large enough to be a starbase!” exclaimed Lt. Commander T’Lea. The new ship, the HMS Salty Profit, appeared to materialize between the pylons and the Captain immediately offered the Thor sanctuary onboard the Salty Profit.
Despite the mixed opinions of the crew, acting Captain of the Thor, Oddas Aria, ordered the Thor into the bowels of the Salty Profit, which immediately left the battlefield by way of graviton catapult. Once aboard, intruder alerts indicated the presence of on the Thor. Marines were sent to deal with the invaders while the Captain of the Salty Profit, one Emil Char, seemed to indicate the presence of Vouaht meant the Thor was no longer welcome aboard his ship.
“You cannot with Vouaht. Expelled to terminus, you will be. Sorry, I am. Was not my intention,” said Emil Char.
Expelled from the Salty Profit, the Thor now finds itself outside the Typhon Expanse, in unknown space.
Written by Oddas Aria

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