Terrorist attack strikes Colonial Coalition capital

Terrorist attack strikes Colonial Coalition capital

ANTOR II – A bomb was detonated on Antor II’s busy Grand Boulevard city center in New Macau, with casualties feared to be in the thousands.
“Today, it’s my sad duty to report that the citizens of Antor have been targeted by a vicious and deadly terrorist attack. The victims, which we believe to number in the thousands, are our parents, siblings, children, friends, and neighbors,” said Antor II Governor Carolyn Blackhurst in an address to her citizens. “The aftermath of this attack is ongoing, and while we are doing everything we can to keep the damage under control, I must ask that everyone who is able to seek shelter in the nearest emergency shelter facility until we are certain that it is safe to return to our daily lives. At this time, the one thing I can promise is that every effort will be made to ensure that those responsible for this crime will be sought out and brought to justice, and that we are using every resource at our disposal to minimize the loss of life and property caused by this attack.”
The capital world of the Colonial Coalition had been damaged by groundquakes not long before, and the impact of the attack was severe. With the planet’s atmosphere too thin to support life for longer than a few days, the destruction of the atmospheric domes protecting surface settlements would place the colony’s future in jeopardy. Starfleet has routed the starship Veritas there to provide aid to the damaged colony.
Veritas found her resources stretched to the limit. Coordinated by Captain Roshanara Rahman, the Starfleet cruiser dispatched her specialized search and rescue (SAR) teams led by Commander Kelrod to the surface, where the starship and her colony counterparts transported as many of the injured to Veritas’ sickbay as possible under the care of chief medical officer Dr. Nikki Ryan.
“I don’t understand why anyone would want to attack us,” Tyrel Shen stated, doing his best to hold back tears as he spoke with a Federation reporter. “We’re just trying to make lives for ourselves here!”
On the surface, a science team lead by Veritas first officer Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda succeeded in closing a small subspace tear that had apparently formed after the detonation of a modified tricobalt explosive, further evidence that the damage to the colony was intentional.
Meanwhile, engineering teams under Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker worked to find solutions to the potentially progressive damage caused by the explosions. Considering that radiation is still a concern for people on the surface, the Starfleet engineers have been working to find temporary shelter for colonists in underground mines, which will better protect them.
Starfleet and Colonial personnel had nothing to say when questioned about the possibility of further attacks, stating that they could not comment on ongoing investigations.
Attribution: Mei’konda

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