Starfleet captain killed during attack on governor’s residence

Starfleet captain killed during attack on governor’s residence

SHADOW’S EDGE — Starfleet and Colonial Coalition officials are investigating the death of Captain Rosa Carrero at the hands of unknown assailants during an assault on the Shadow’s Edge governor’s residence.

A veteran of the Dominion War, Carrero was a distinguished Starfleet officer and the commanding officer of the USS Veritas, currently the only ship operating in the region known as the Shoals as part of Operation Safe Harbor, Starfleet’s anti-piracy effort started in 2391. She had been meeting with Shadow’s Edge Governor Theo Giannako when the attack on the estate took place.
Commander Zhou Tai-Sheng, first officer of Veritas, took command of the ship as it traveled back to Star Station Esperance for a change of command, while Carrero’s body remained on Shadow’s Edge as the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service conducted an investigation into her murder. Reports thus far suggest the Marshals suspect the Reya-Laialara, a Vulcan sect based from the Seheik Settlement within the dangerous area known as the Shadows, to be responsible for Carrero’s murder, sparking skepticism among locals.
Almost the entire senior staff save for a select few were swapped out for USS Syracuse and USS Invicta alumni, most of whom hadn’t seen each other in six months since their last mission aboard the Constitution class USS Venture. Command of Veritas was transferred to Captain Roshanara Rahman, and Commander Zhou was assigned as commanding officer of the Starfleet Annex on Star Station Esperance.
“The Veritas crew need our time to mourn,” newly assigned first officer Lieutenant Commander Sky Blake told reporters when they arrived at Esperance. “Take information from the official records to report your stories, but leave us with time to grieve.”
Determined to lead the Starfleet investigation into Carrero’s death, Rahman quickly launched Veritas back on its long return journey to Shadow’s Edge, and after arriving at the planet three weeks later, the senior staff split into teams to investigate the location of the attack, question witnesses, and meet with the Colonial Marshals and local officials. Rahman and a small team also beamed down to a remote location in the jungle to attempt a rendezvous with rogue Federation Security Agent Evan Delano, a former Starfleet officer and shipmate of Rahman’s, who is believed to have information on the Reya-Laialara and the attack.

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