Crew parties like it’s 2299… degrees below zero

Crew parties like it’s 2299… degrees below zero

PALANON, TYRELLIAN SYSTEM — After its first mission in the Tyrellian Sector, the crew of the USS Gorkon found time to let their hair down at a popular ski resort.

Following a stressful mission and encounter with the Orion Syndicate on the moon Palanon, the crew of the USS Gorkon, Sovereign-class, have taken full advantage of all that their new home has to offer. The majority of the crew gathered at the Mindirra Ski Resort, set high in the breathtaking Mindirra Mountain Range.
Several of the crew tried their hands at traditional winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, while quieter pursuits such as snowshoeing and quiet time by the fire were just as popular. Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, a joined Trill, channeled a previous host when she cooked a gourmet al fresco steak dinner for the crew.
“She can really cook,” stated a member of the Gorkon’s crew who wished to remain unnamed. “Can’t snowboard to save her life, but she sure can cook!”
The gathering was also a time of celebration for the crew as many awards were presented fireside at the Mindirra Lodge. At the same time, Lieutenant Junior Grade Lael Rosek was promoted to full Lieutenant, while Ensigns Frank O’Malley and Hallbjorn Baldursson were promoted in grade to Lieutenant Junior Grade. An unexpected turnover brought several new faces to the Gorkon, including helmsman Connan MacMorna, security officer Shrega sh’Idrani, and security advisor Benjamin Edwards.

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