USS Constitution officers depart Starbase 11 suddenly during shore leave

USS Constitution officers depart Starbase 11 suddenly during shore leave

STARBASE 11 — During celebrations on Starbase 11, three officers from the USS Constitution unexpectedly hurried off the station in a Ferengi ship.

As Drydock 7 of the maintenance station in orbit of Starbase 11 held their ship in its clamps, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) enjoyed shore leave both on the ship and the planet-based station. Families of the crew arrived from all over the galaxy, visiting their children, siblings, and other relatives.
To celebrate their arrival and the past mission, the guests and the crew gathered in one of the massive banquet halls on Starbase 11. During the celebrations, Lieutenant JG Chelin Ch’Gabor was promoted to Chief Science Officer, and Prudence Blackwell was promoted to Lieutenant JG. Service ribbons were handed out as well to reward the crew for their great work during their last mission against the Orion Syndicate.
Some news seeped through the grapevines that Commander T’Mar resigned her position as First Officer, and Captain Jalana Rajel will have to request a new one. The reason behind that sudden change has not yet been made public.
While most of the crew enjoyed the party with their families, an eyewitness reported that three officers left the station in a vessel that was not a Starfleet shuttle but a Ferengi ship. Lieutenant Commanders Sinda Essen and Shar’Wyn Foster, as well as the newly re-assigned Ensign T’Reshik seemed to be in a hurry to get away.
“One has to wonder if their sudden urge to leave has anything to do with the Klingon vessel looming above us in orbit. That can’t be a coincidence, right?” theorised the eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous.
It is unknown at this time if any of the other crew knew about their trip or its destination.

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