Renos promoted to Rear Admiral

Renos promoted to Rear Admiral

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Following the resolution of an incident on Deep Space 26, officers from across the fleet gathered to celebrate the promotion of Rear Admiral Renos.

The crews of Andaris Task Force, including officers from USS Blackwell and USS Atlantis, were joined by officers from across the fleet to celebrate a promotion to the admiralty. The recipient of that honor, Rear Admiral Renos, is the newly appointed leader of Andaris Task Force in the Par’tha Expanse.
The ceremony followed on the conclusion of an incident aboard Deep Space 26 in which an agricultural experiment resulted in accelerated growth of a plant that put everyone aboard DS26 into a deep sleep. Those forced into a somnolent state included Renos and the new Andaris Task Force command officers. Lt. Commander Brell, recently appointed as first officer of USS Atlantis, took charge of the situation from aboard USS Darwin. With the work of the few crew who were still awake aboard Darwin, a solution was found to stop the plant’s growth and wake the sleepers without harm.
Following his hard work resolving this incident, Brell was promoted to Commander in the ceremony following Renos’ promotion. Dr. Jora Kalis was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and several crew members were awarded ribbons, including Jora, Dr. Isabel Pond, and Lt. Commander Merrick R’Ven for finding a cure to the plant’s sleeping effects.
In presenting Renos’ promotion, Rear Admiral Toni Turner offered a few words before the gathered crowd.
“I could stand here for a long time listing nir accomplishments for the good of the Fleet, and the energy that ne puts into every task, mission, and project, but it would be redundant to all who have gathered here and know of nir devotion to duty,” said Turner. “Instead, I’ll suffice to say that it is my pleasure to reward your good works with a promotion to Rear Admiral.”
In addition to Rear Admiral Turner, the illustrious guest list at the promotion ceremony included Lt. Commander Brayden Jorey of Duronis II Embassy, Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds and Lt. Commander Alerta Millis of USS Gorkon, Captain Jalana Rajel and Lt. Commander Maxwell Traenor of USS Constitution-B, Captain Sal Taybrim and Lt.JG Liani of Starbase 118, and Captain Della Vetri of USS Tiger.

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