USS Darwin-A Reassigned to Andaris Task Force

USS Darwin-A Reassigned to Andaris Task Force

PAR’THA EXPANSE — Andaris Task Force, under the command of Fleet Captain Renos, has been assigned to serve as a peaceful medical envoy to the war-weary Par’tha Expanse. The task force is comprised of four vessels: newly launched Olympic Class USS Blackwell, Intrepid Class USS Atlantis, Horizon Class USS Darwin-A and Defiant Class El Corazón. Darwin’s senior staff was predominantly reassigned to Blackwell and Atlantis, with a few moving to the home station, Deep Space 26.

After a well-deserved rest in and around Arnmere, Trill, the crew made their final journey aboard Darwin, taking several weeks to navigate the Jenatris Corridor into the Par’tha Expanse. Once there, they began moving toward their new task force postings, but an easy transition was not to be.
A stop in comm traffic from DS26 alerted officers still on Darwin of trouble. With Renos and all the new task force COs and FOs aboard DS26 for a planning conference, Lt. Commander Brell took charge and called for a quarantine. A large plant was growing inside DS26, extending tendrils all across the station. All 25,000 people aboard DS26 had fallen asleep, including the Andaris captains and first officers, among them Commander Emery Rhyn and Lt. Commander Ren Rennyn, as well as Renos.
Brell sent Commander Kael Thomas, Lt.JG Christopher Lambert, Lt. Randal Shayne and Ensign Kurt Logan to DS26 to investigate the plant’s nature and assess the extent of the effect on DS26’s systems. They beamed into DS26’s Xenobiology Lab, the source of the radiogenic plant, but found nothing to explain its rapid growth, which was quickly causing increased damage to the station. Brell, Lt. E’riQ and Ensign Kell were to secure the station and attempt to regain control of ops. They added Dr. Graeme Cook, newly returned to duty, and set out through the station to assess its sleeping citizens. They were able to treat or triage some, but found no way to wake them, not even E’riQ’s “sleeping beauty,” Ensign Noshka.
Lt. Commander R’Ven, Lt. Isabel Pond, Ensign Hikaru and Ensign Jora Kalis were to investigate those who were put to sleep, and find out what caused it and how to revive them. Jora and Hikaru discovered Renos asleep in DS26’s conference room, with potentially sensitive injuries. R’Ven and Pond set up a special quarantine in Darwin’s Sickbay and beamed a patient aboard. Pond beamed inside the special quarantine with only an oxygen mask, and began to feel weakened effects of tiredness while she stabilized her patient. Jora, Hikaru and the entire command staff were beamed into the Darwin quarantine as the growing botanical infestation caused further damage to the station. There, Icavoc awoke, raising questions about the nature of the plant and his resistance to it.
Lt. Lahr and Lt. Commander Stennes worked to make sure no ships broke the quarantine and acted as a hub for incoming data on the plant and its victims, quickly discovering the other task force ships were largely unmanned. They made contact with a ship commanded by Minora Akantha, of an insectoid species. While dealing with energy spikes and attempting to monitor information from all sides, the pair were forced to negotiate with Akantha, who was searching for an item called the Kheritz’lion. Stennes and Lahr convinced her to let them find it aboard DS26 for her, but it was too late. A scan by Abitalia revealed the Kheritz’lion had already been activated, causing the rapid plant growth. It seemed a solution was near, but would it come in time?

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