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Uncovered Tkon Empire facility beneath Hinji monastery reveals new history of the Hinji

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LERON III – The true origin of the Hinji species was discovered by a Starfleet away team to be related to the extinct Tkon Empire.

After over a day of searching, the USS Constitution retrieved an away team, which had crashed in a shuttle on the surface on Leron III, as well as a rescue team sent after to find them. The following day after the crash brought surprising and new discoveries that could change the face of the Hinji culture forever.

After being found by a monk of the Order of the Sacred Daylight Monastery, the away team under the leadership of Lieutenant Solaris McLaren enjoyed the hospitality of the order. Much to McLaren’s surprise though, she was believed to be the returning Sunmother, the deity of this majorly spread Hinji Religion, and assurances to the contrary were ignored by most. When the ‘Sunmother’ and her followers were revealed to be Starfleet Officers, however, the away team was forced to find a way out of the monastery to avoid a mob of angry Hinji, and the team stumbled over a secret passage by accident.

The passage led to rooms that stood in complete contrast to the old monastery on the surface and turned out to be of alien origin. Soon after entering the room and activating its energy, the team witnessed the accounts of so-called Portal 88, reporting of finding and caring for a primitive species found on Leron III called the H’inji and bringing along their development over a period of 500,000 years before leaving the planet to an appointed Guardian, protecting and watching over the Hinji and the facility.

Once the team returned to the Constitution, research and comparisons of imagery and Portal logs unveiled that the ‘Sunmother’ belonged to the long-extinct Tkon Empire and added another layer of mystery to the elusive species that Starfleet has only encountered briefly before. After careful consideration, Captain Jalana Rajel decided to inform Administrator Eda Sharppaw, Leader of the Tirtahl Displacement Camp on Leron III of the team’s findings. What to do with the information and if it is going to be public knowledge remains unknown at this time but will be in the hands of the Hinji.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s going to be hard to adjust to but…” stated Laris Nesterovi, who was interrupted by his husband and Hinji preacher Drajev Nesterovi, who added, “but this gives us a chance to unite all the Hinji people under a renewed and more complete faith! Finally, we know the Sunmother’s divine plan for us!”

If the rest of the alien-opposing population of Leron III will be as excited about the massive change as these two will only be revealed in time, but those who have dealt with Drajev before suggest that if there was a way to convince him, the rest will be a child’s play.

Written by Jalana Rajel

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