USS Constitution experiences technical difficulties with computer upgrade

USS Constitution experiences technical difficulties with computer upgrade

STARBASE 104 — The USS Constitution registers a strange series of malfunctions while docked during shore leave.
The USS Constitution is registering an increasing cascade of minor faults in multiple systems. While the rest of the crew relax, the Engineering department have been investigating the faults as they’re reported. But, for each malfunction addressed, more are registered. As yet, no obvious connection has been established, but Engineering Officer Ensign Paku confirms that the errors are appearing across the board. “Random malfunctions! But all systems are affected! Every! Single! One! Sir!”
That suggests some underlying issue. Station staff have confirmed that the problems are confined to the Constitution, and that neither the station nor other docked ships are experiencing difficulties. Captain Rajel could not be reached for comment, as she and her senior staff were closeted on the main holodeck for a staff awards ceremony; however, two recently returned officers, Cmdr. Sarah Mason and Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor, are investigating these anomalies.
The Galaxy-class platform is considered one of the most stable in the fleet, having a long history of reliable service. However, the Constitution recently underwent a significant computer upgrade, managed by Lt. JG. Choi Ji-hu of Engineering’s Research division. The upgrade was considered standard, but included the installation of a piece of military training technology, the Faust Control Unit, to the main holodeck, the very holodeck that the senior staff are now using.
According to a spokesperson for Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the Constitution’s cascade of faults are likely due to some problem with the recent computer upgrade, though issues with automatic doors, turbolifts, replicators, and environmental systems have occurred nearly three months after the upgrade was completed.
Written by Saveron, edited by the FNS news desk

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