Missing Constitution shuttle could spark Hinji outrage

Missing Constitution shuttle could spark Hinji outrage

LERON III – A covert mission into restricted Hinji airspace goes sideways as the Conny loses contact with its crew.
Under directions of Starfleet Command, the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B has reported to the Hinji homeworld to give relief efforts at one of their largest displacement camps. However, Starfleet Command had another, more secretive command for the crew – conduct covert ops in determining a possible military installation on their homeworld which could be in contravention of their Federation charter membership. Now, with the Hinji government demanding the area off-limits and tensions already at an all-time high, Capt Jalana Rajel has to face the possibility of a shuttle downed and missing in action in restricted airspace.
Arriving at Leron III, the Constitution readied a party led by Chief of Operations Lt Prudence Blackwell to the planet’s surface to install industrial replicators and water reclamation units, as well as provide medical supplies and expertise to Tirtahl Camp, an expansive displacement camp of underprivileged Hinji. “I don’t understand why we’re going through so much effort to help them out,” sighed PO Bazreet of the quartermaster’s office. “I’d say just as many of those prideful Hinji would drive us forcefully off their planet as thank us for our help.” However, a second, less announced party was being organized by LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor under direct orders of Starfleet Command. This party, led by Chief Intelligence Officer Lt Solaris McLaren, was to take a shuttle to the surface and covertly approach a sensor blind spot on the surface of Leron III. Considering the animosity between the Hinji and the Linarans, there are concerns that military weapons are being hidden for potential use against their stellar neighbors and fellow Federation members. With the Hinji government being obtuse and belligerent about the area, it fell on the Constitution covert Away team to stealthily prove or disprove these suspicions. With the relief team onsite and setting up without too much incident, attention soon turned onto the shuttle as it disappeared from sensors and comms upon reaching the blind spot, only to fail to emerge out the other side.
In earlier conversations with Adel Brindlehide, Hinji Adjunct of Military Affairs, it was stated in no uncertain terms that a Starfleet presence in the area of the sensor blind spot was unwelcome and indeed prohibited, and that the Constitution was to provide relief efforts at Tirtahl Camp only. Now, with a possible search and rescue effort needed in that very area, what will the response of the Hinji be? With many disenfranchised Hinji already resentful of Starfleet, will there be repercussions not only for Hinji-Federation relations, but more immediate safety concerns for the relief aid Away team at Tirtahl Camp? The Constitution is about to find out as Rajel, Traenor, and the rest of the senior crew face the reality of a covert mission gone sideways.
Writte by: Maxwell Traenor

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