Delicate peace talks succeed despite chaos

Delicate peace talks succeed despite chaos

STARBASE 104 — The crew of the USS Constitution successfully salvaged peace talks between the Hinji and the Linarans.
Mediation talks between the Hinji and Linarans of the Leron sector had broken down completely as deliberate food poisoning incapacitated many of those present at the talks, including Capt. Jalana Rajel and Cmdr. Sarah Mason of the USS Constitution, among others throughout the station. Complicating matters, a concurrent terrorist attack on Nightshade, the primary Linaran habitat of Starbase 104, sowed more chaos and confusion.
“Ohan? Poisoned? Nah, never had. Only robed ones take leaves. I fix”, said Jones, a maintenance worker on Starbase 104, when asked about the genetically altered Linaran recreational drug plant that was determined to be the cause for the station-wide health epidemic.
Illicitly distributed into the station’s natural food stores, the plant was discovered by Constitution doctors and scientists assisted those on the station to have been altered to be poisonous and laced with a cytotoxin to ensure ill effect to the Linarans, though it was toxic among all species present at the mediation talks.
Others from the Constitution crew were pressed into service by Starbase 104 as well, such as an engineering crew led by LtJG Dag Sindri tasked to determine the cause and perpetrators of the terrorist attack on the Linaran populace of the station. As well, LtJG Prudence Blackwell and LtJG Chelin Ch’Gabor were assigned to trace the distribution of the Ohan leaves to their distribution source, and Constitution security officers were spread around the station attempting to keep the peace and protect besieged Starfleet officers. Sickbay treated their downed command officers, and although Rajel made a relatively quick recovery, Mason was not so fortunate. It was determined that the First Officer would need to be relieved of duty due to her condition, and transferred to a specialist facility.
A fanatic Hinji sect known as “Children of the Light” were found to be the source of the poisoned Ohan and apprehended. The terrorist attack on the Linarans were found to be perpetrated by radical Linarans themselves in an attempt to frame the Hinji. Despite the chaos, the governmental leaders of the Hinji and Linarans, Luko Silvertip and Sotesa Vehau, pledged a surprising agreement to set aside their differences and work together to quell the radical elements in their respective societies.
With the talks concluding positively despite the drama, and the rebellious elements on Starbase 104 once again under control, the senior crew of the Constitution was granted a much-deserved period of shore leave and rest. Rajel was forced to instate a new executive officer, and after a little deliberation, she decided to elevate one of her own officers, Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor. To honor Mason and to fete his fellow officers, Traenor hosted a party for the senior crew in response. The purpose of the party became twofold, as Rajel surprised her crew with promotions and awards for their recent work.

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