Missing away team found alive as search and rescue under way

Missing away team found alive as search and rescue under way

LERON III – The USS Constitution continued its relief efforts as a team was sent to find missing Starfleet crew members in a sacred off-limits area
The USS Constitution still rests in orbit of Leron III to give the overpopulated inhabitants, a shapeshifting species called the Hinji, much-needed relief at one of their last displacements camps in Tirthal. To do so, Starfleet organized deliveries of replicators, water purifiers, and medical assistance. A team built around the Chief of Operations Lieutenant Prudence Blackwell worked tirelessly to give the Hinji their first taste of Starfleet assistance. During a feast arranged at the evening of their arrival, many Hinji tasted food that wasn’t rations for the first time in many years.
Yet not everyone in the jam-packed camp was happy about the efforts. A chemical fire interrupted the celebrations, though it did not cause any casualties. All that is known at this point is that the attack didn’t target people but rather Starfleet’s replicators. Lieutenant Commander Atan T’Seva, Acting Chief of Security of the Constitution, is leading the investigations at this moment to find the culprit and ensure safety for the camp and the equipment.
Meanwhile, a team headed by ship’s counselor Commander Saveron put together a search and rescue effort to head into the jungle’s blind spot and find a lost away team led by local preacher Drajev Flamespeaker and his husband Laris Threespirit. Shortly before leaving the camp, the team learned that the blind spot is a sanctuary called Dawn’s Cradle, home to the Order of the Sacred Daylight, a reclusive religious group worshipping the Sunmother of Leron III. The Hinji see this area as sacred and might see an intrusion by outworlders as a hostile act. Time is scarce.
Only hours later, long after the away team entered the area hidden from sensors and communication signals, the crew of the Constitution received a heavily fragmented emergency signal right from the heart of the Dawn’s Cradle. After several officers worked on the message, relief was great. Said message was sent by the lost away team by Lieutenant Solaris McLaren, requesting extraction and making sure that it was known that they all lived. Without being able to reply directly, a repeating message to inform the team about their rescuers being on the way was sent immediately.
As not much else can be done from their seats on the bridge, another challenge offered itself in form of Commander Titus Cassius Valerius, who relieved First Officer Maxwell Traenor from his duties and took the place as Captain Jalana’s right hand. Sent by Starfleet to ensure that no additional problems come up during this simple relief mission, Valerius has strong ideas on what to do to handle the situation.
“I’m simply saying that Starfleet would endorse a more heavy-handed approach to the myriad of problems we’re facing on Leron III,” Valerius stated towards Rajel, whose style as a captain is known to be the complete opposite of his military approach.
Written by Jalana Rajel

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