Crew of the USS Constitution enjoy some well-deserved down-time

Crew of the USS Constitution enjoy some well-deserved down-time

STARBASE 104 – Following the resolution of events on Leron III, the USS Constitution-B returns to her home base for some R&R – though not everything is restful or relaxing.
During what should have been a standard aid mission, the revelation that the Hinji’s Sunmother deity was a member of the T’kon Empire has huge implications for the Hinji, and for their relations with the rest of the Federation. “Today we have witnessed the beginning of something new and we can only hope that it is a change for the better.” Said Capt. Rajel.
Following the fraught rescue of the Constitution’s away teams from the volatile situation – thanks to the combined wizardry of recently arrived Ensigns T’Naa Cicoone and Jacob Horne – the crew are recovering. There were no fatalities, although Lt Solaris McLaren is recovering from both a broken arm and the discovery that she is a distant descendant of the original ‘Sunmother.’ Lt. T’Reshik’s broken hand was easily healed thanks to Dr. (Lt.) Milsap’s expertise, but an imprint has been left on her brain cells by the T’kon technology. Engineering officer Lt. JG. Choi is working with the science officer to devise appropriate treatment.
Following the Constitution’s return to Starbase 104, Cmdr. Titus Valerius of Starfleet Intelligence and Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor, the Constitution’s First Officer, departed for unspecified reasons. Traenor’s return is anticipated in a few months – in the meantime Cmdr. Saveron will be acting as first officer.
The Constitution has also seen an influx of new crew and visitors, many of them Andorian. Of note, the arrival of Ens. Teryn Vehk, a Cardassian, caused some consternation amongst those still resentful over the Dominion War, most obvious with a commotion in the Black Hole Bar.
Love also seems to be in the air for many members of the crew. Whispers of a possible marriage arrangement are traveling the grapevine. Certainly Lt. JG. Ardaris Sh’Thelzan, the most recent addition to the crew, is already spoken for.
Dr. (Lt. Cmdr.) Shar’Wyn Foster and Lt. JG. Choi recently travelled to Starbase 118 for the AI & Cybernetics Symposium.
Unfortunately, Dr. Milsap, Capt. Rajel’s significant other, had to take urgent leave for family business. Meanwhile rumour has it that none other than Lt. JG. Dag Sindri has caught the eye of the ship’s Tellarite Parrises Squares player.
Written by Saveron

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