Constitution crew enjoy R&R in the Marchlands

Constitution crew enjoy R&R in the Marchlands

STARBASE 104 – With terse diplomatic talks fully completed and peace reigning at dock, the Constitution crew get some true rest and relaxation.
After the civil unrest ended on Starbase 104 and the Hinji and Linarans began an uneasy truce, the crew of the USS Constitution (NCC-9012-B) were finally able to use the station to their fullest extent to recuperate. Lt. Cmdr. Maxwell Traenor hosted a party for the senior officers, and once official recognitions of the crew by Capt. Jalana Rajel had concluded, the fun began in earnest. Musical entertainment was provided by Lt. Cmdr. Traenor, Cmdr. Saveron, and Lt Solaris McLaren, while the rest of the senior crew mingled and socialized.
Over the next few days, all manners of personal highlights and hijinks ensued. A gaggle of officers from the Constitution took full advantage of Starbase 104’s entertainment venues–none being arrested for a pleasant change–with dining, drinking, and even an old-fashioned 2D cinema. Capt. Rajel and Lt. Jerome Milsap found adventure in bungee jumping, several officers re-examined their fashion profiles, and there was even a departmental picnic.
Some departments were working overtime over shore leave, however. Lt. Cmdr. SharWyn Foster was kept plenty busy in sickbay, while Lt. JG Choi Ji-hu was given the unenviable task of corralling the eccentric and difficult Engineering Systems Programming Office and the workers within. There was a collaborative effort between Intel, Engineering, and Security on the design and implementation of a new shuttlecraft. However, no department worked harder than the Counseling department, with Saveron and Ens. Taurek caring for an influx of routine psychological reviews while dealing with interesting conflicts of interest. Indeed, Saveron was even called to assist with a lifesaving effort to help Ens. T’Reshik through a deadly case of pon farr. This of course led to much scuttlebutt among the lower decks, like Crewman Higgs remarking, “I understand the Hippocratic Oath and all, but that is more like doctors with benefits!”
Fully relaxed and refreshed, the crew of the Constitution is ready for the start of a new mission within the Marchlands, their relatively new theater of operations.

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