Andaris Task Force investigates Consortium conspiracy

Andaris Task Force investigates Consortium conspiracy

BURELLION – Information obtained by members of the Andaris Task Force presents a link between Taventa Robotics and the Consortium, pointing to hostile collusion that puts Starfleet ships and personnel at risk.
On a mission to the surface of Burellion, RAdml Renos – leader of the Task Force – and two of nir top officers attended a clandestine meeting with Negrid, a confidential informant. The team were able to reach and secure the location without incident and Negrid provided Renos with a data stick containing evidence that was to expose the Consortium for what many believe they are – a criminal syndicate.
Back aboard the USS Blackwell, NCC-58999, Renos gave the task of analysing the data to Lt. JG Krindo Pandorn and PO3 Maria Aquilina. Given previous sabotage attempts, the pair took all possible safety precautions and began the painstaking process of analysing what emerged to be Negrid’s research notes. Initial evidence only pointed to two large corporations that may or may not have collaborated together. There was also references to the Taventa Robotics, the corporation the Blackwell had encountered whilst stranded in a minefield. While there was little evidence of any criminal activity within the Consortium itself a link was discovered between Taventa Robotics and the Consortium, which, by all accounts, were not pleased with a Federation presence within the Expanse. Efforts are ongoing to determine how deep the link goes as work continues to expose the Consortium for who they really are.
Renos, Pandorn, Aquilina as well as Ens. Verato Sarjak, had only returned from the surface a few days prior, after a tense encounter with Dr. Richardson and former Starfleet officer turned Consortium employee Dominic Gray. They had been invited to attend the launch party of a new wonder drug at Consortium Headquarters on Burellion. That meeting and the one that followed had left them asking many questions.
“I fear we’re just scratching the surface with how involved the Consortium really is,” commented Ensign Anvok.
Amidst all of this, the telepathic members of the crew were still dealing with the aftermath of a telepathic virus. Ongoing medical tests showed no long term physiological effects from the virus, but that did little to heal the terrific emotional and psychological impact of the ordeal they just went through. It was something that promised to keep the medical and the counseling departments busy for the next several weeks and beyond.
Written by Jarred Thoran

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