USS Blackwell returns after successful aide mission

USS Blackwell returns after successful aide mission

DEEP SPACE 26 — Fresh from their latest humanitarian mission, the crew of the USS Blackwell joined the other ships of the Andaris Task Force in an extended shore leave on Deep Space 26.
After stabilizing the Caraadian ship and finding the cure for the plague ravishing Debin VII, the crew of the USS Blackwell had a good deal of work ahead of them. Science and engineering crews continued for three weeks to decontaminate the ship and help with repairs. Meanwhile, Blackwell’s medical teams administered the cure to the mining outpost populous and toiled to repair the damage caused to their disease ravaged bodies before the job was finally done.
Once on Deep Space 26, the station’s arboretum allowing for a bit of greenery in the depths of space and drew many. Lyna Namid and Lieutenant Graeme Cook were spotted sharing a romantic stroll while Rear Admiral Renos and Lieutenant Commander Lyldra shared a picnic on the green grounds. Several took trips to the holodeck, including Lieutenant Isabel Pond and Ensign Jarred Thoran, who enjoyed a high seas adventure, running a program of an ancient Earth sailing vessel. Lieutenant JG Jora Kalis and Ensign Anath G’Renn likewise ran a program where they watched an old Earth sport that has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity across the Federation: baseball.
Ensign Thoran later joined Commander Brell in a practice boxing bout where the human learned some finer points of the Terran sport from the Bolian. Meanwhile, Dr. Pond was asked by Renos to join Ensign G’Renn and Lyldra to join nir in a trip to one of DS26’s main attractions, the ancient Chon spa.
Many of the the crew decided to go out and enjoy the stations many bars and restaurants. Lieutenant E’riQ Lo’Peh spent time connecting with G’Renn, getting to know one another over their shared Klingon heritages, as well as taking Ensign Noshka out for an evening, starting with a meal at a Tinalli restaurant famous for the chef’s recounting the history of the meal being prepared to their guests. Another hot spot, Ethereal Pleasures, attracted many of the Andaris Task Force crew looking for some excitement.
“I couldn’t be prouder of my crew and their response to this outbreak,” said Captain Akinor Zaekia of the USS Blackwell. “This leave time is well deserved.”
Written by Brell

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