Devron plunged into diplomatic crisis as Valcarians call for Starfleet officer’s arrest

Devron plunged into diplomatic crisis as Valcarians call for Starfleet officer’s arrest

DEVRON, PAR’THA EXPANSE — As civil strife erupts on Devron, the crew of the USS Atlantis is attempting to mediate the crisis, which has now involved one of their own officers.
With a revolution in the air, the leading negotiation team under the command of Commander Brell had made a good first contact. Yet while Brell and his team were offered all kind of local dishes down on the planet, things in orbit soon developed into a crisis. Atlantis engineering officer Ensign T’Bel tried to tap into a trade station’s comm system but walked straight into a trap set by the Valcarians. Valcarian Imperial Advisor Sam’Yasin, who is in charge of the station, immediately called for her life to answer for crimes allegedly committed by the Federation. Lt. Commander Alexander Williams refused.
“Surely they don’t expect us to turn over one of our own,” said Williams.
In response, the Imperial Advisor started to use other means to convince T’Bel to leave her station and give herself up freely. She instead remains essentially imprisoned on the station. With Lt. Danara and her team still on the station, it was their job to find and free T’Bel as soon as possible, time being key as Sam’Yasin is known for his unorthodox ways in dealing with prisoners of war.
Meanwhile, as negotiations began, things got chaotic in the streets. Several factions started to ship arms around, which led to an attack near a market square. The skirmish soon erupted into the early stages of civil war, and the chaos soon found its way to the negotiation table, with heads starting to roll. Unsure if the Federation can restore peace, Commander Brell and his crew continue the negotiations for T’Bel and the planet as a whole.
Written by Alexander Williams

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