Antor II Colony secures from evacuation alerts

Antor II Colony secures from evacuation alerts

ANTOR II – Following a period of intense emergency activity, the USS Veritas has departed the Antor II colony, which is no longer issuing evacuation alerts.
Following a period of emergency repairs and medical intervention across the Antor II Federation colony, the colony’s leader, Governor Carolyn Blackhurst, has announced that their environmental domes are safe and that groundquakes have ceased, in part due to very hard work by the colony’s residents, and intervention by the Federation Starship USS Veritas, NCC-95035, led by Captain Roshanara Rahman.
It has been confirmed both through independent investigation and by the man himself that the Klingon Jilor, leader of a pirate fleet in the Shoals, was responsible for the attacks.
“Considering the weapons that were used and that he was even willin’ to attack a starship, this guy and his lackeys must be serious,” remarked Gavin Franks, a dilithium miner who lives on Antor II. “But I ain’t movin’ away from my home for no one, Klingon or otherwise.”
After this interview with Mister Franks, we reached out for comment to the USS Veritas, to confirm whether or not an attack took place and how bad it was, if so. Lieutenant Evan Delano, the ship’s Operations officer, had this to say.
“Some back home might look at the fact that a fully-armed Starfleet cruiser defeated a few ramshackle pirate ships and dismiss the conclusion as inevitable. But, the bottom line is that this attack could have been way worse. We were lucky to have the right people in the right places at the right time.”
The Veritas has departed the area of Antor II and is continuing on her mission of exploration in the region.
Written by Lieutenant Commander Mei’konda

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