Starfleet Captain and ambassadorial staff member taken hostage by terrorist

Starfleet Captain and ambassadorial staff member taken hostage by terrorist

LUXIS SYSTEM – Fighting with the Til’ahn First Militia continues as the Embassy deals with protesters, kidnappers, and other agitators.
The Embassy on Duronis II found itself with a small but growing and agitated crowd of protesters outside of its gates squared off against a small group of Marines. One protester interviewed was quoted as saying he was “tired of Starfleet and the Federation using their planet as a piece in their galactic games.”
Lt. Commander Oddas Aria along with Doctor Boris Hendon designed a unique soundtrack to thin the crowd and drive off all but the most dedicated protesters. The protesters reported feeling sick to their stomachs and an urge to seek the nearest facilities.
Meanwhile, Commander Brayden Jorey and Major Irina Pavlova embarked on a mission to do ground reconnaissance into the Til’ahn First Militia (TFM)-occupied territory of Lokesh City. Their mission has been described as one gathering information as well as leading refugees and any other unarmed civilians into safer areas of the city. The occupied zone is still estimated to be around 60% of the entire city.
The team led by Captain Waltas and Major Parker have bombed a known TFM munitions depot. Sources claim the action was undertaken the same moment Admiral Toni Turner and the new Federation Ambassador were reassuring the Laudean Prime Minister that Starfleet would be taking no unilateral action against TFM targets. Admiral Turner has planned to make a statement regarding the behavior of her officers soon.
The day after a suicide attack and the aforementioned bombing of the TFM munitions depot, a Federation party consisting of Turner, Ambassador Ashana, Waltas, and others paid an impromptu visit to the site to pay their respects. Near the end of their visit, which saw a large gathering of Lokesh City citizens, an attack occurred, seemingly aimed at both Captain Waltas and Admiral Turner. The contingent of security traveling with them managed to hold them off, but not before the attackers spirited off with Waltas and one of the Ambassador’s aides. The attack is speculated to be in retaliation for the munitions depot bombing. Neither missing person has been recovered as of yet.

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