Witty Wordsmith: With Great Resources Comes Great Writing

Witty Wordsmith: With Great Resources Comes Great Writing

Ok, so maybe that’s not how the famous Spiderman quote goes, but have you ever found an article that was so great that you just had to share? This one happens to be a fantastic piece of advice for both beginning and experienced writers alike.
Charlie Jane Anders published advice on 11 Ways to Write a Character-Focused Story that Still Feels Action Packed over on i09 and it’s one of the best pieces of advice for simmers that we’ve seen in a long time. While the author is focusing on her struggles in writing her latest novel All The Birds in the Sky, she describes the balance between character development and pulse-pounding action. This combination is a simming nirvana that many games struggle to reach.
Anders’ article throws the conventional wisdom that stories can really only focus on either plot or character out the window and argues that great stories focus on both. Then she gives aspiring writers 11 great pieces of advice on how to do just that.
Whether you are just starting out simming, are looking for some new inspiration or want to hone your writing skills so you can move up in rank or maybe write a novel of your own someday this is a great article to check out. Once you’re done reading, head on over to our Writer’s Workshop forum and join the discussion. You can tell others what your favorite part of the article was, and whether you’ve used any of these tips in your own writing!

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