Yarahla Nine released as USS Gorkon flies again

Yarahla Nine released as USS Gorkon flies again

SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Following public outcry, Starfleet Security has released the Yarahla Nine, the group of renegade Starfleet officers who stole a starship to rescue the USS Gorkon.

The group, led by Starfleet Commander Walter Brunsig, were central in the plot to steal the USS Yarahla and locate, successfully, the Sovereign-class USS Gorkon. The Gorkon had previously been declared lost with all hands by Starfleet Command. Despite the timing of their release, Starfleet Command has denied any connection to any of the public protests, the largest of which was led by families of the recovered Gorkon crewmembers.
“The release of the prisoners was merely coincidental to the protests. They were released based on the findings of an individual report conducted by Lieutenant Commander Alerta Millis” stated Admiral Sotek of Starfleet Command.
Meanwhile, a somber memorial service was held in honor of the 413 crewmembers lost aboard the Gorkon. Following that the surviving crew were honored for their extended service, and two of the crew, Captain Quinn Reynolds and Ensign Jocelyn Marshall, were promoted to Fleet Captain and Lieutenant Junior Grade respectively for their exemplary service during the Gorkon’s sojourn.
Starfleet has also announced that the Gorkon has been fully repaired and upgraded. She will be at the head of the Tyrellian Defense and Exploration Taskforce stationed in the Tyrellian Sector. Starfleet declines further comment on details of the Gorkon’s mission.

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