Starfleet declares USS Gorkon missing in action

Starfleet declares USS Gorkon missing in action

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — The USS Gorkon has disappeared while on a routine survey mission.
During a routine survey mission to Alpha Chionus V, the crew of the USS Gorkon took advantage of the serene and wintry environment to celebrate the festive season. Ice-skating, snowball fights, warm food and drink were all enjoyed, and Commander Vess ensured a special treat for the children aboard the Gorkon, in the form of a shuttlecraft holographically altered to look like Santa’s sleigh. Old friends and new faces alike took the opportunity to mingle and chat—and dodge the low-flying snowballs.
Once back aboard the Gorkon, Captain Quinn Reynolds promoted Jansen Orrey in a private meeting to the rank of lieutenant junior grade with an accompanying transfer to the position of ship’s counsellor.
Subsequently, the captain expressed her reluctance to hold or comply with another highly publicised award ceremony, choosing instead to show her appreciation to the crew by holding a private ceremony in the observation lounge of the USS Gorkon. Officers who went above and beyond the call of duty during the Astrofori One holodeck incident were awarded with various commendations.
The Purple Heart went to Commander Alucard Vess, Lt. Commander Chythar Skyfire, Ensign Mitchell Shapiro, and Ensign Tonya Lang, who were all injured while trapped in the holodeck or during the subsequent pursuit of the Maquis Reborn.
The Good Conduct Ribbon was awarded to Commander Alucard Vess, Lt. Commander Kael Tam, and Lieutenant Dar Elandra, who all conducted themselves an exemplary fashion while trapped inside a near-lethal section of the holodeck program.
Commander Walter Brunsig was awarded with the Purple Heart, Silver Star, and Gold Lifesaving Ribbon for almost sacrificing his life in order to protect Captain Reynolds from an assassin’s bullet.
Lieutenant (JG) Jansen Orrey and Lt. Commander Kael Tam were presented with the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon for practicing the art of medicine with virtually no equipment and under less-than-ideal circumstances during the holodeck crisis.
The Innovation Ribbon was presented to Lieutenant JG Toni Lupo and Lieutenants Ayiana Sevo and Cory Stoyer for their quick thinking and ingenuity in rescuing the occupants of the Cardassian Embassy, who had been sealed inside and infected by a lethal virus.
After a brief stopover at Astrofori One to take on specialist equipment and new crew, the Gorkon departed for the nebula NGC 201502, and another routine survey mission. It swiftly became clear that there was unusual activity within the class three nebula: garbled transmissions and powerful gravimetric shears were both present, and sensors soon detected a quantum fissure at its heart. Shortly after dispatching a selection of probes to gather more information, the Gorkon was snared by one of the shears and pulled into the nebula, vanishing from Starfleet’s long range sensors.
“Our thoughts go with the loved ones and friends of the Gorkon’s crew at this time, and we wish to assure them, and everyone, that Starfleet is making every effort to locate the ship and bring our people home safely,” said Senator Luhna Darel.

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