Starfleet increases presence in Tyrellian system amid Syndicate rumors

Starfleet increases presence in Tyrellian system amid Syndicate rumors

A taskforce of vessels has arrived in the Tyrelian System led by the USS Gorkon in its first mission since returning from a disastrous sojourn to another quantum reality.

News of the increased Starfleet presence comes at the same time as rumors of Orion Syndicate activity in the area. The Syndicate, thought to have been eradicated in 2380, have been popping up throughout Federation space in recent months and Palanon, the homeworld of the Tyrellians, is no exception. It is speculated that Starfleet has arrived at the request of the Tyrellian Government to help them clean house.
“They came in the night. My husband refused to pay protection money so they beat him to within a hair of his life,” said a Tyrellian who asked that their name be withheld.
Starfleet public relations refuses to give details, although teams led by the task force commander, Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds and Commander Alucard Vess, have been confirmed by independent sources to be assisting the Tyrellian government to remove Syndicate influences from their government and economy. Amid increased death threats, Reynolds’ team has taken on the protection of Jhaeina Raisaris, Chief Prosecutor for the Tyrellian Justice System. The threats hit close to home as a mysterious device pierced through the prosecutors window and landed amid those gathered. For her own safety Raisaris was evacuated to the ship in orbit, where her injuries sustained during the attack were treated by Doctor Dassa Alexasder.
Meanwhile, Vess’ team were sent in search of the prosecution primary witness against the Syndicate. Sirran Pilaris, a local merchant, has gone underground amid similar threats against his own life. The team split to concentrate on the merchants home and business. While Vess’ search of Pilaris’ home turned up little in useful information, Commander Alex Blair and Ensign Frank O’Malley were more successful in their investigation turning up clues to Pilaris’ whereabouts.
“We cannot give details, for Mr. Pilaris’ own safety,” stated Commander Vess, the Gorkon’s First Officer.
Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo, the vessels Chief Science Officer and Second Officer, led a team to investigate an alleged shipment of smuggled goods. After a scuffle with a pair of scofflaws, the Starfleet officers secured the shipment. Witnesses on the scene confirmed that it was mostly currency.
“We heard the commotion and climbed up on the catwalk to see what was up,” stated a warehouse worker. “The trill fired at the crates, and loads of money just spilled out!”
One of the criminals was placed under arrest by Starfleet security, followed by a seizure of the money. It remains to be seen if the combined forces of the Tyrellians and Starfleet will be successful in eliminating the Syndicate presence in the system. Similar attempts have been made elsewhere, and the Syndicate have proven time and again that once they settle in they are nearly impossible to remove.

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