Search for missing Starfleet vessel continues

Search for missing Starfleet vessel continues

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — Having vanished without a trace, the USS Gorkon, a Sovereign-class starship, is still missing as Starfleet Command continues to search for answers.

The Gorkon, commanded by Captain Quinn Reynolds, disappeared several months ago in the Menthar Corridor, and has not been heard of since.
“As of this moment, Starfleet has not given up hope of finding the USS Gorkon and her crew,” said Commodore Nathaniel Sanderson of Starfleet Communications. “The investigation is still underway.”

First Officer’s Personal Log, Stardate 239303.30
To say this assignment is interesting would be an understatement of galactic proportions.
Shortly after my arrival, via a shuttlecraft that was pulled through the same interdimensional rift as the Gorkon, Captain Quinn Reynolds assigned both Commander Alucard Vess and myself to lead damage control teams as a massive battle ensued between us, the USS Triumphant and a fleet of Dominion ships. Yes, that was Dominion ships! Apparently in this universe the Dominion won the war and they didn’t take too kindly to our presence here.
From the various reports I’ve read from across the ship, while I was busy in engineering trying to keep tabs on the chief engineer, Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, Cmdr. Vess was handling casualties from across the ship, as well as some from the Triumphant which was destroyed during the battle. Now that was an interesting one. Apparently one of the Triumphant’s crew went rogue and let loose a virus that resulted in the auto-destruct sequence being initiated, the Triumphant did not survive but most of her crew escaped and are now calling our shuttlebay home.
Apparently the spectacular display of the Triumphant’s final act, combined with a sneaky sensor jamming system the bridge crew whipped up utilizing the deflector dish, turned the tide in the battle and chased off the remaining portion of the Dominion fleet. Leaving us where we stand now, licking our wounds trying to get everything working again before the Dominion fleet returns.

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