Duronis II Embassy defends against Zalkonian attack

Duronis II Embassy defends against Zalkonian attack

LUXIS SYSTEM — The Embassy on Duronis II is clearing away the destruction and rebuilding after surviving a Zalkonian attack that seems to have been backed by the Orion Syndicate.

The USS Bronwyn rescued the fleeing Romulan Republic officers as their ship went full core breach in an explosive display of power and light. The Bronwyn, battered but not beaten, angled to take on the Imperial Romulan warbirds. However, the ships of the Romulan Star Empire cloaked and faded into the blackness of space. Their war, at least on this day, was not with the Federation but with the Republic for allowing their cloaking technology to fall into Zalkonian hands. This freed up the Bronwyn to face off with the decloaked Zalkonian ships in orbit of Duronis II.
Meanwhile, Terek, a Zalkonian death camp commander seeking revenge against the USS Thunder crew for ruining his career and severing his hand, let a bombardment and subsequent attack against the Embassy on Duronis II with a team of Zalkonian and Orion Syndicate operatives. Staff raced to get civilians and non-officer personnel into the Embassy’s underground bunkers safely. In the chaos, the Argelian VIP, Shi’lar, was being escorted by Connors, a Starfleet marine, and the Embassy’s medical staff. During the Zalkonian bombardment, Connors was crushed under falling rock but managed to save Shi’lar and the medical team.
In orbit, the USS Bronwyn took down one of the warships. However, the Bronwyn was outnumbered and fading fast. The Imperial warbirds then dropped their cloaks and joined in the battle. They did not attack the Bronwyn but went instead after the Zalkonian ships. The USS Thunder appeared in the system after racing across the galaxy using its quantum slipstream drive.
The Zalkonians, being lead by the fearless and maniacal Orion Syndicate, found themselves in a desperate situation. One of the Zalkonian ships turned and headed on a collision course with one of the warbirds as the other Zalkonian ships were destroyed. The remaining Romulans managed to transport a few hostages from the Orion Syndicate before destroying the last remaining Zalkonian ship and heading back to Romulan space.
When asked about the Romulans, Lt. Commander Irina Pavlova, acting CO of the Bronwyn said, “It was so much simpler in my day when they were all secretive evil bastards that had just lost a war. Now, who really knows? Republic, Empire, Knitting Circle, hard to keep them all straight.”
The final battle took place at the Parker residence, which held many civilians in a fortified underground bunker. There, Captain Tyr Waltas faced off against Terek. Tyr and a group of marines battled Terek, Zalkonian soldiers, and Orions to keep those in the bunkers safe. The battle came to a Shakespearean climax as the blade of Captain Waltas’s katana separated the man’s head from his body.
The crews of the Embassy are now left to wash away the blood of their enemies and rebuild all that was destroyed. Admiral Turner and the Embassy are left with the mystery of Shi’lar and a cold war quickly thawing.

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