Racial tensions and attacks against Vulcanoids flare on Duronis II

Racial tensions and attacks against Vulcanoids flare on Duronis II

LUXIS SYSTEM – While the Embassy on Duronis II deals with the aftermath of the discovery of the Orion Syndicate, new racially charged threats against Vulcanoids erupt on the planet.

Katya Pavlova was able to escape from her Orion Syndicate-affiliated captors and returned to the Embassy to provide her mother with the Syndicate’s safe house location. Major Pavlova, with Lt. Cmdr. Parker and Captain Waltas, launched an unauthorized assault on the safe house and took a prisoner.
On Admiral Turner’s authority, Captain Frazier and Lt. Cain were sent to arrest Parker and Waltas and return them to the Embassy’s brig. After time to cool off, they were released. Parker was sent home to rest up, while Waltas accompanied Admiral Turner to the Delta Quadrant to visit Captain Renos and the new Outpost Unity.
Meanwhile, Lt. T’Mihn and Ensign Savan experienced the legacy of the Romulan occupation of Duronis II when they faced open hostility on a nearby beach after they were mistaken for Romulans by a Laudean man. When asked for his thoughts on the incident and the stranger’s less than friendly reaction, Ensign Savan replied, “Given the tyrannical nature of the Romulan presence on this planet, that would not be a surprise.”
Over the next few days, unauthorized access to Embassy’s databases and the private consoles in a Vulcanoid officer’s quarters were discovered. The newest member of the Embassy staff, medical officer Ensign T’Leira, was called to the scene of an attack of a Vulcan officer’s pet selat. The animal was apparently stunned by phaser fire and then incapacitated by a sloppy and overly-aggressive version of a Vulcan death grip. Tensions are growing as Vulcanoid officers seem to be the target of unprecedented racially charged hostility.
On the other side of the galaxy, Admiral Turner and Captain Waltas enjoyed the hospitality of Captain Renos and Lt. Commander Traenor at the first Federation installation in the Delta Quadrant: Outpost Unity. However, Renos quickly realized that the admiral was there for more than a mini-vacation. She was there to ask former Embassy second officer Lt. Commander Brayden Jorey to return to the Embassy with her as her new first officer. Good news travels fast among Betazoids, and the Embassy staff was forced to scramble to accommodate an unscheduled visit from Jorey’s Ambassador grandmother.

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